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    Mailing lists are the most valuable assets for campaigns. Yet often they are under-used because most people don’t understand the importance of a mailing list and how much they can help a campaign. So, it is time to learn about mailing lists before you waste money mailing to people who don’t want to be on yours!

    First, let’s consider the differences between a mailing list and a voting record. The mailing list is essentially used to collect contact information from potential voters. The mailing list typically doesn’t include people who can vote in New York State elections, and only those eligible to cast a ballot at the polls. So, money spent mailing to ineligible voters can actually cost the candidate campaign more than money spent on their actual voting slate.

    On the other hand, the purchase of a mailing lists list can actually save a campaign money. That’s because a good list broker can find wholesale prices to individual candidates in many different states. Then, the mailing lists are printed with information about the individual candidate and can be sent to each local campaign office. A good mailing lists broker will also keep track of every list they sell, so a campaign manager can purchase fresh mailing lists each time they need one. The campaign can use this valuable asset without spending money that might not be available to them if they didn’t invest in a mailing lists list. This type of purchase keeps a campaign in business even when a traditional campaign budget is smaller.

    So why would a campaign rent a mailing list when there are better options? One of the main reasons that renting a mailing list works is that it allows a campaign to stay within the letter limit for state qualifying initiatives. The problem with qualifying for the funds is that once a campaign spends its RCV money it is no longer eligible for future grants and individual contributions. In some cases, this can be as much as ten to twenty thousand dollars. If a donor wants to avoid being added to the national RCV registry, it is important for campaigns to lease or purchase a mailing list.

    There are a few ways that rent-a-list services help a campaign. First, they usually print a customized political statement on an individual letterhead. It is important to include all of a campaign’s contact information, and some information about their proposed initiative. marketing should also add their signature block and include a copy of the UBX that they use for the campaign. In marketing , the rented mailing list allows a campaign to separate themselves from the other candidates on the ballot. Potential donors can see that a campaign is working independently and not beholden to any donor.

    There are sometimes campaigns that are successful at earning more money than they spend. When a campaign rents its mailing list, it may use the list to solicit donations, rather than spending the money to buy a donor’s list. In marketing , a donor may make a larger donation to a campaign, which in turn helps to keep expenses down.

    Because a campaign can use a rented mailing list, rather than making its own, some rent-a-list companies offer a donor-referral program. A donor-referral program allows a donor to sign up to receive electronic updates about different fundraising events. In addition, a donor can enter his or her email address and a link to the donor-finder site, where he or she can find other fundraisers and other opportunities.

    Campaigns can save a considerable amount of money by renting its mailing lists rather than buying them in bulk. Buying marketing can take a campaign several months to compile. By renting its mailing lists, a campaign can save the time and expense that goes into compiling a mailing list, which can be used for other purposes. Because a campaign may not have the staff to compile a comprehensive donor directory, a mailing list rental can help a political campaign keep expenses down and increase its donor base. Political campaigns can also use its mailing lists to find more donors who are willing to spend money on campaign expenses.