• Han Henneberg közzétett egy állapot frissítést 7 hónap, 3 hét óta

    “Been paying on my household for more than 20 years.Never skipped a payment.Always pay my taxes on time.Always take insurance .Raised 3 youngsters on my own.Always worked.Didnt acquire food stamps or state insurance .Payed back something I borrowed.Could not afford larger education.Was paying to boost my children.Husband left when youngsters were young.Owes me over 70000 in kid support.Never included one dollar of the medical bills.Their allin late-20s and early 30s now.I guess all that does not really matter except for the fact that since I was also happy to suck off the citizens I worked.I produced my mattress and I slept in it. .But now im being penalized again.Insurance rates based on a lot of things like your education.So”Considering purchasing an Audi TT next year.Insurance estimates ect.