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    Do you consider that massage therapy has helped countless people live happier lives? It’s true. It’s real. I’ve given it to my children since I was a teenager. I can still recall the first time my mom gave it to me. The sensation of relief and relaxation that came over me was amazing. It was like time had stopped for me and my body was gently guided to its correct alignment. This is the reason Trigger Point massage is so enjoyable to me.

    Trigger Points are usually painful, sore spots in muscles. They can cause muscles to tighten when there is tension. These knots, which are tense, are extremely sensitive, and if excessive pressure is placed on them, it can cause more pain from another part of the body. Trigger Point massage therapists help to ease knots and minimize the pain associated with them by releasing knots from the inside of the body of the client. They locate trigger points in key regions of the body and treat them with specific movements. Trigger Point therapy can not only relieve pain and muscle tension but also help reduce swelling and accelerate the healing process.

    Trigger Point massage differs from other massage techniques because it focuses on locating the precise spot that is triggering the Pain Response Network, or PRN. Once they have identified trigger points, the therapist will move quickly and deeply through the layers of tissue that surround them, applying pressure continuously until the knots are loosening. Trigger Point therapists use a combination hand movements, tapping and friction, deep tissue massage, and friction to release knots, ease pain, increase flexibility, and improve circulation. Trigger Point therapy can be used to treat athletes, those recovering from surgery, and people with chronic pain.

    Trigger Point massage techniques have been used for hundreds of years and were first developed in China. This type of massage is called Chinese Water Tantra Massage. Trigger Point is used in the West to treat spasticity. This is a condition in which muscles that are tight cause cramping in the muscles. Trigger Point therapy can loosen tight muscles and reduce the tension level in the muscles, allowing muscle tissues to decompress. The compression of the muscle tissues in the lower back relieves tension in the knee and leg and decreases the risk of lower leg pain.

    Trigger Point therapy is carried out by an experienced therapist who’s received special training in manipulating and locating the Pain Response Network. The massage therapist starts by placing their hands under the individual’s shoulders and massaging through the knots identified by the client. The therapist may focus on one knot , or utilize all their hands or fingers to work through all knots. Trigger Point therapists should be gentle with their clients, since sudden and jerking movements can result in more pain and injury. Trigger Point is a great alternative for those suffering from chronic muscle tightening or tension.

    Trigger Points therapy is performed by the massage therapist’s fingers locating the Pain Response Network (PRN). 진주출장마사지 This network is comprised of numerous nerves that pass alongside and through the knots in the lower spine. The massage therapist applies pressure to these knots with their fingers to break the fibrous tissue that lies between them, releasing the tension in the muscles that are affected. The Trigger Point therapist uses light and pressure for a specific duration of time, releasing the tension from the knots and allow the body to decompress naturally. Trigger Point is frequently used to treat sports injuries frozen shoulder, frozen hip and other conditions that result from long term chronic tension and stress. Trigger Point can also be used to treat the symptoms of lower back pain chronically and tennis elbow, whiplash, Achilles tendinitis, migraine headaches, among others.

    Trigger Point therapy is usually done using Vibromassage which is a deep tissue massage technique that employs smooth, vibrating strokes on the skin to ease chronic tension and restore proper mobility to joints. There are two types of trigger point therapy. Swedish massage therapy makes use of gentle friction of the oil to apply smooth flowing strokes to the body. Deep Tissue massage therapy uses strong pressure and long, slow, sliding strokes that are more intense than Swedish massage. Trigger Point can be combined with Swedish for full-body massages that are specifically designed to relieve discomfort, restore optimal function and create a relaxing experience.

    Trigger Point therapy works best when done by a trained therapist who has experience in treating patients suffering from chronic pain and issues related to the nervous system and the muscular structures. In Trigger Point you will find that the therapist will apply pressure to specific knots within and around muscles, tendons and ligaments. Trigger Point is a type massage, but don’t be fooled by the name. This is not the way a masseuse treats Trigger Points; this is a misnomer that is used by some clients to describe the Trigger Point therapy offered at some massage salons. When a patient uses Trigger Point they are receiving an ordinary massage that is modified to focus on relaxing muscle spasms, and relieving knots and tension, improving circulation and blood flow, and helping the body relax and return to a more natural state.