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    Chapter 1450 – The current number of reward items is zero brick advise

    In reality, this combined attack on the 17 protectors required some time to prepare… Them communicating with Track Shuhang was not merely a means to stall for time for the prize.

    “…Are all of these everyday life-sure awesome treasures?” The gorilla didn’t dare to assume exactly what it was observing. Using its durability within the highest on the Fifth Stage with nine dragon designs, it forcibly resisted the charge of the Tyrant Wilderness Boar’s Ram memory.

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    The baboon presented a bashful teeth, and said, “Anyway, the quicker it requires Benefactor to pa.s.s the test, the greater the compensate. Consequently, if Benefactor would like to, we are able to speak to you a very little. We could talk about anything, whether it be astronomy, geography, a single thing.”

    Furthermore, people were the protectors, is targeted on that belonged to the obstacle.

    The gorilla offered on resisting.

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    Besides… summoning the Tyrant Queen Expert’s s.h.i.+eld might have been the perfect proceed with regard to creating a defense, but it was not interesting adequate.

    The power of this vajra had already achieved the Sixth Stage.

    The gorilla gave through to resisting.

    The hairless ape ongoing, “Furthermore, if you decide to encounter the remaining guards all at one time, they can variety a combat formation, one which a pract.i.tioner with the Fifth Stage Kingdom will unquestionably be unable to tackle. Benefactor, remember to think of this carefully.”

    The gorilla smiled bitterly, and said, “Such an enchanting treasure is in fact cheating.” Melody Shuhang mentioned, “Yeah. When I see it, Furthermore, i feel like I became still within a goal.”

    It was just like it could actually already see Music Shuhang getting surrounded and beaten up from the 17 protectors although spilling blood vessels almost everywhere.

    The 4 walls coupled into just one and landed ahead of Tune Shuhang, providing handle.

    Considering that that had been so, could the ‘reward’ be gone as well?

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    I hope that these 17 wonderful apes won’t find yourself developing a trauma.

    “…” Track Shuhang. May I modify the prize? A 5th Phase protective vestment is actually excellent, but however , I’ve no need for this!

    The fact is, even devoid of the Put together Marvelous Prize, Melody Shuhang with his three cores along with his shape would always be horrifying.

    Besides… summoning the Tyrant Queen Expert’s s.h.i.+eld would have been the best switch concerning setting up a shield, nonetheless it was not great sufficient.

    This gave Piece of music Shuhang terrific assurance.

    It felt the fresh benefactor before its eyes was a bit too packed with himself.

    Song Shuhang explained, “I’ve wished to utilize these for a long period now. I finally received the chance to utilize them nowadays.” In reality, he could also add the Immortal Fairy Beast Cat’s Divine Entrance to this combination, which might definitely ensure it is appearance a great deal cooler. However, he was nervous whenever he also summoned the divine entrance, the four wall space and also the gate would go down associated with him, shutting him out.

    (Located new incentive merchandise: renal jewel of a senior citizen monk. Issuing the incentive.]

    “Then, I request that Benefactor go to the after that level of your obstacle.” The bald ape smiled kindly.

    Song Shuhang obtained already applied the (Sacred Ape Dragon Potential Approach) to the degree of getting 21 Holy Apes. Under typical circ.u.mstances, even Fifth Point monster cultivators in the Monster Realm would just have 10 Sacred Apes at most of the. A appearance that made it possible for 21 Holy Apes was already approaching the Sixth Level.

    The combat drums, the zither, plus the horn all sounded.

    Once its voice decreased, the 17 figures suddenly attacked Tune Shuhang. Starlight covered their whole figures, and everyone’s starlight resonated collectively, making a blended infiltration.

    Piece of music Shuhang inquired, “By the way in which, I have an issue to ask. Right after I pa.s.s the difficulty, any kind of incentives?”

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    Melody Shuhang laughed, and said, “There’s no rush. If you really want to talk, I will get some other daoists to talk to everyone.”


    When it touched the ram, it could actually perception the distinctiveness of your awesome cherish.

    The fact is, this merged invasion with the 17 covers desired some time to prepare… Them communicating with Piece of music Shuhang was not merely a way to stall for time for those benefit.

    “…” Tune Shuhang.