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    How do I make money from the Internet with no money buying and selling emails lists? It is pretty simple. The Internet has created an entirely new venue for marketing , where you can rent email lists cheaply and without effort. You pay a one-time fee and have access to thousands of people for as long as they want.

    Let’s say you want to promote your new product in the “I Love New York” episode of ” sitcom dailies” on FX this weekend. You could use one of the many rent email lists available on the Internet for that purpose. If you have an episode that is due to air within the next two days, you will be able to target the exact audience you want for that particular episode and have them all excited about the upcoming event before it even aired. All you would have to do is send out one of those brilliant promotional messages and watch your popularity soar!

    What if you are into online affiliate marketing and do not want to spend any cash? That is also an option you can take advantage of when renting email lists. Some companies have several lists going, which you can purchase to save time and effort on researching which list is best for you. A lot of these companies will provide the list broker with your information and then the list owner will return the favor by contacting all of the affiliates you are targeting and getting them to sign up. Now all you need to do is market your products and make sure you get everyone signed up!

    Another way that you can profit from renting rather than buying is if you have a blog or a website that you know gets a lot of traffic. You can contact a webmaster and rent email lists by requesting a list. Since you have already created content for the site, the webmaster will find it very easy to accommodate your request since they usually have dozens of blogs with great traffic going at all times. They will be more than willing to help you since they will make all of the money in future!

    How many times have you received an email from a company promoting a product with a funny landing page that made you laugh so hard that you went back to your computer and shared it with your friends? The chances of you sharing that email with all of your friends are pretty darn good when you are talking about list rental vs buying an email list. When you are promoting a business by renting rather than buying an email list, you have a better opportunity of getting some serious buzz on the Internet throughout the day.

    Okay, now let’s talk about list rental vs buying an email list because there is actually a pretty good reason why you should be doing it differently. The difference between the two options is that you don’t have to pay for the people to sign up for your list. You only pay when someone actually signs up for your list. That means you can place your opt-in forms where millions of people will see them without spending a penny. And when you do have someone sign up for your list you can then send out thousands upon thousands of messages to everyone in your database and still make no money.

    So now that we know list rental vs buying an email list, what is the difference between using those forms and Facebook? What is the benefit of having more people on your Facebook page if you’re just renting them out? Well the first benefit is this: if you use Facebook to promote your products you can actually get people to sign up to your list because they are already there. In other words they aren’t searching for you on Facebook because you’re trying to get them to sign up to your list. They’re searching for you because they want to be on your friends list or follow you on Twitter.

    The second benefit of list rental vs buying an email list is this: if you’re promoting a product to your friends on Facebook, you can also send them to your webpage where you can talk more about the product. This is how you get them to actually purchase your product because they like you and see that you’re an expert in the niche that you’re promoting. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article, please feel free to leave any questions you may have at in the comments.