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    The hot stone massage is a renowned kind of bodywork, as well as an alternative medicine therapy involving the application of cold or heated stones on the body for relaxation as well as pain relief and healing. In Western circles it is believed that the hot stone massage is used since the earliest times with great results. The belief was that stones could help treat illness by treating problems in the mind and body. The stones are applied to the body in order to assist in channeling negative energy away from the person being massaged and back into the body of the individual.

    The hot stone massage is performed by a masseur or a massage therapist using heated stones or a collection of stones heated. The masseur is able to heat the stones slowly. The rocks warm up and release heat. They then move more quickly against skin. The heat that is generated from the surface of the rock travels to the muscles and joints of the massager, which causes the rock to generate heat that helps relax the soft tissues.

    Another benefit of massage using hot stones is the fact that it is believed to increase the flow of blood and improve oxygenation in the bloodstream. This speeding up the healing process. The increase in blood flow and oxygen flow helps to flush out toxins from your body, and also boosts the immunity system. The increased flow of blood allows nerves and blood vessels to function normally which in turn relieves muscles spasms and cramps that are caused due to strain, injury, and inflammation. It is also believed that the hot stone massage increases the oxygen levels in the brain, which can be beneficial to those with hypertension or who have a brain tumor.

    A major benefit of hot stone massage is that it soothes and energizes the joints and muscles. This massage is known to help relax the body and mind. It can help relieve fatigue and stress. This kind of massage therapist is proven to boost circulation and lymphatic system flow. The lymphatic system is able to deliver the most oxygenated cells, which in turn helps fight infection and heal injured and inflamed tissues. The type of massage therapist can also help to enhance the health of the brain and spine.

    One important fact that must be mentioned is that using hot stones is risky and should never be used by women who are pregnant, nursing, or experiencing any kind of circulatory or heart issue. Patients suffering from colds and flu should steer clear of this kind of massage. The flu virus thrives in cold temperatures. The spa therapy can also damage the tissues that are tender around the throat and neck. Patients with sinuses and respiratory problems should not be getting this treatment. Before performing any kind of hot stone therapy, it is advised to talk to a licensed spa therapist. In the rare case that an therapist at a spa performs the treatment the patient, it’s important to inform the hospital promptly.

    The hot stones used for massage are made of granite and quartz, as well as marble or Babbasium. They are heated with electricity. Since these stones are extremely soft, they are able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, to help muscles. Utilizing the electrical currents the therapists can target the muscles and relieve tension and joint pain as well as other parts of the body which are hard to treat using conventional methods.

    This kind of therapy could bring many benefits, including the reduction of muscle tension. Muscle tension can lead to various health issues, such as headaches, migraines, and tension headaches. To ease muscle tension and relax, people often make use of heated stones. The theory is that the heated stones aid in reducing pain as the temperature makes the blood vessels contract that reduces pressure, and also improves circulation.

    Another benefit of using hot stones in massage therapy is the enhancement of lymphatic drainage and blood flow. A lot of people suffering from ailments like edema or high blood pressure are able to significantly reduce their symptoms and improve their overall health after receiving this form of massage therapy. The edema, along with other circulatory issues can often be treated using heated stones. Massage therapists use short bursts of warm water throughout the therapy session to improve circulation and enable the body to eliminate excess fluid through the increased temperature. The heated stones will also increase circulation of oxygen throughout the skin, and boost the lymphatic drainage rate.