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    What does email list rental really do? When you sign up for a list, what actually happens is that you are charged a one time fee which is then renewed on an ongoing basis. This works out great if you only need one email list or are not expecting to make any major sales. However, email list rental can be a valuable way of generating a large number of mailing lists.

    So how does email list rental work? Email list rental means that you gain one time access to a mutually agreed upon number of email lists. When you rent an email list you essentially gain one-way access to a large number of people who you can market to using a variety of Internet marketing campaigns. In other words, email lists rental means that you get to have an income through your Internet marketing campaigns via these people who are on your mailing lists. This is a win-win situation.

    How can you find email list rental companies? First of all, try to think like a customer. Would you want to go and buy something from a big box store on the corner? Probably not. So why would you want to rent from a list company? Of course you would, because it saves you money.

    However, before you get into renting email lists, it is important that you are clear about one thing: NEVER buy email lists! Why? Well, remember this golden rule from above: renting does not equal ownership. If you are serious about making money through an Internet marketing campaign, never buy email lists and instead invest in buying quality mailing list products that will generate profits for years to come.

    Now that you know why never buy email lists, let us move on to the important question: How do you locate reputable email list rental companies? You should always avoid signing up with a large number of email list rental companies as it will make it very difficult for you to separate the good from the bad. A simple way to look for reputable companies is to join internet marketer forums. With thousands of members worldwide, these forums are a great place to get information from other internet marketers who have experienced success in their own businesses.

    Also, joining affiliate programs can help you a lot in building a solid business. Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing, where you are rewarded for every customer or subscriber that you bring into your business. For example, if you sign up with a program such as ClickBank, which is well known and highly recommended by many successful Internet marketers, you can expect to earn a high income as soon as you get started with your first paid marketing campaign. The same strategy can be used for building your email list rental business; however, there will be more effort on your part in order to convert subscribers to customers.

    Another way to locate good email marketing lists is by searching for them online. Most websites have a search function that allows users to search for specific products and services. If you are looking for email list rental services, all you have to do is put in the necessary keywords that best describe the type of email service that you are looking for. The results will provide hundreds of relevant sites where you can find appropriate renters.

    One final tip is to consider the amount of money that you are willing to pay for the emails. Some email list rental companies provide subscribers with free copies of newsletters; however, there are also brokers who offer subscribers free copies of their entire catalogs or newsletters. Again, this will depend on your budget and the preferences of the email list rental company that you are considering. Finally, remember to compare the cost of renting one message per month to the cost of purchasing one message per month.