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    Novel – Dragon King’s Son-In-Law –Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

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    Chapter 691 tranquil squeamish

    Lengthy rice papers was spread over the table, many ink brushes were actually showcased, and a bottle of printer was put into a beveled area .

    “Um!” Xie Yujia smiled pleasantly .

    Life History and Ecology of the Five-lined Skink, Eumeces fasciatus

    “Hao Ren, should you have any questions from now on, reach me for those who can’t attain Vice Princ.i.p.al Lu,” Princ.i.p.al Liu place his arm around Hao Ren’s shoulder blades and reported pleasantly .

    The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir

    “Hao Ren definitely got a bit of associations together with the specialists!” they believed .

    These reporters thinking Track Qingya was scared when she didn’t chat . They believed that the calligraphic operate that Tune Qingya delivered was not her very own work, and that was why they continued wanting to know .

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    Third Grandfather? Hao Ren viewed Su Han, amazed . He observed that Zhao Kuo experienced already gotten to best-level Qian-level . He also developed while using Gentle Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll, and the man needed to exercise struggling with Zhao Kuo . Yet, the rival that Zhao Kuo wished to address against wasnt Hao Ren but Su Han . Equally Zhao Kuo and Su Han were actually charging with the Perfect Dragon Kingdom . On the entire Eastern Ocean Location, only Su Han was at Zhao Kuos point . Hao Ren fully understood why Zhao Kuo planned to problem Su Han at once . I recognized it, Su Han reported . She and Zhao Kuo decided to go for many different variations an individual was more static, as well as the other was far more productive . People were both equally choosing the Perfect Dragon World, however they were required to battle demanding adversaries ahead of they may split thru . We are going to the Nine Dragon Palace up coming few days, make sure you get ready, Su Han reported once again . Then, she patted Hao Rens shoulder and went absent . Hao Ren viewed her and believed she seemed to be hurt and required a couple of days to heal . Zhao Kuo wouldnt make an effort to fight her when she was wounded . The struggle between your two supreme masters could just take position right after the Nine Dragon Palace trip . Hao Ren sensed like a minimum of one of the two would turned into a heavenly dragon, however it was difficult to notify who that might be . Ms . Tune, could this be calligraphic job your task? Luo Xin, among the list of calligraphy experts who surrounded Song Qingya, expected Track Qingya . These calligraphy experts possessed tens of several years of experience of calligraphy . It was amazing in their mind that this small vocalist could create these beautiful calligraphy . They researched Song Qingyas operate for a long time and lastly questioned away from attention . They didnt really mean to embarra.s.s Melody Qingya they only want to meet the calligraphy learn who composed for Tune Qingya . All those reporters went toward them and read the curator of Eastern Water Gallery questioning Piece of music Qingya . Consequently, they swiftly moved their microphones in excess of . Music Qingya followed Hao Rens gaze and looked over the chilly yet still elegant Su Han as she sighed . She wouldnt be capable of access Su Hans world in the entire life she could only covet her . Ms . Piece of music, you never talked about that you know calligraphy . Is your task? When do you finish off this piece… Ms . Melody, you never mentioned that you really practiced calligraphy in previous interviews… These reporters thinking Tune Qingya was worried when she didnt speak . They believed that the calligraphic function that Music Qingya introduced had not been her own function, and also that was why they continued wanting to know . Melody Qingya shook her top of your head and smiled . She considered that Hao Rens affair was amazement-inspiring now, so she didnt intellect incorporating through to it . She mentioned, Why dont I prove it now? Okay… Ability to hear that Music Qingya would publish calligraphy are living, these reporters grew to be ecstatic . Through these years, Melody Qingya experienced went to many functions, but she got never stated that she used calligraphy . This may be anything media in the event it were definitely real! . Lets go outside… Melody Qingya stated and walked toward the entrance of the collection . When she went for the entrance, two organization people in the Calligraphy Group experienced taken off two major tables and place them for the tiny sq ahead of the local library . Lighting dashed out of Huang Xujies sight when he discovered Song Qingya taking walks out while he was preserving obtain . Hao Ren walked beside Song Qingya calmly, and Music Qingya walked and spoke with Hao Ren using a look while doing so like these folks were buddies inside the very same generation . The students cellular lining on the stairs saw Piece of music Qingya taking walks out and was approximately to indicate her calligraphy techniques, hence they ran toward the tiny sq quickly and wanted to get a shut search right in front . Piece of music Qingya not alone provided her own calligraphic serve as a current, but she would also illustrate her calligraphy expertise . This can appearance extremely perfect for Eastern side Ocean School and Hao Rens organization! Piece of music Qingyas visual appeal in advertis.e.m.e.nts was really worth a substantial number of yuan for some seconds! It could be more expensive to her to go a number of activities! Lengthy rice cardstock was spread about the family table, an array of ink cartridge brushes were viewable, as well as a package of ink was put in a beveled corner . The cloud washed out out, as well as the conditions away from the collection acquired already turn out to be decent . Direct Sunlight s.h.i.+ned for the white colored rice paper which shown Piece of music Qingya and the white-colored catalogue behind her, which makes it appearance as attractive as artistic photographs . The assessments got photographs of Tune Qingya rapidly . Music Qingya performed up an ink clean, pressed the rice papers together left-hand, and created a poem . [Dark-colored clouds are everywhere in the town, and the location is about to tumble (TL: dark colored clouds signify the enemys army, which is made up of a lot of people, the same as the dark-colored clouds)…] Terrific writing! Once Music Qingya discontinued, the curator of Eastern Sea Art gallery cheered . He was initially questionable of Piece of music Qingyas calligraphy expertise, but he adored her when he found Music Qingya finis.h.i.+ng this little bit of work facing anyone . The reporters who surrounded Track Qingya also cheered in surprise . A superstar like Piece of music Qingya was already good enough to present her calligraphy skills looking at them . Whether or not the calligraphy kills werent terrific, they had to compliment her . Even so, her calligraphy techniques were indeed excellent! Hao Ren observed that Music Qingya hyping the big event for him and smiled . He knew that over the following couple of days, Eastern Water College or university would become the focus of the federal press . Zhao Hongyu also smiled from the masses . Track Qingya was the princess of South Seas, and her expertise in tunes and calligraphy were not bad . Of the many dragon princesses, Zhao Yanzi was probably the only person who didnt behave like a princess in any respect she almost didnt have understanding in one of the artistry segments . Even so, shes only marrying Hao Ren . If shes marrying an old-fashioned dragon cultivator, we may truly feel ashamed by her absence of traditional artwork skills… Zhao Yanzi withstood before Zhao Hongyu, and she probably believed Zhao Hongyus thought processes . She searched up at Zhao Hongyu and pouted her jaws . She had tons of investigation and barely pa.s.sed the tests . How could she have the time to know these? Song Qingya put along the printer clean and out of the blue discovered a smaller brush . Piece of music Qingyas palm made and drew a landscape painting of Eastern side Sea College or university in a few cerebral vascular accidents about the staying area of the rice newspaper! There were a lake during the grounds with earth-friendly locations and many modest hills . Below the warm weather conditions, the vistas was exceptional . Track Qingya organised the ink remember to brush, decorating the cardstock and attracting the scenery . Those reporters with microphones and video cameras were surprised . Piece of music Qingya who acquired an angelic speech was actually a learn in calligraphy and painting! This is initially that Tune Qingya proven these skills of hers in public areas, which means that this art would definitely be distributed for a higher worth of nearly a million yuan! Tune Qingya put away the printer ink brush and smiled at Hao Ren . I didnt take away your glory, ideal? Hao Ren smiled and presented her a thumbs-up . You might be remarkable . Princ.i.p.al Liu… this artwork can be a gift for the college, Song Qingya thought to Princ.i.p.al Liu who was already amazed . Acceptable, thanks! Princ.i.p.al Liu nodded right away . This artwork was about the grasp degree and was definitely worth obtaining, not to mention this was the calligraphic function and piece of art out of the superstar Track Qingya, Track Qingyas a.s.sistants considered the other person they didnt even know that Melody Qingya experienced this specific expertise! If someone submitted a video of Piece of music Qingya artwork are living, her level of popularity would rise by the considerable amount! In the viewpoint of East Beach University, this function also marketed the institution! Zi, you skipped the cla.s.ses within the afternoon, ideal? Zhao Hongyu required Zhao Yanzi suddenly . Oh! Zhao Yanzi pretended that she just pointed out that now and easily went toward Eastern side Seas Universitys key entry . Zhao Guang investigated Zhao Yanzi and shook his mind helplessly . However, he is in an awesome ambiance . Given that Zhao Kuo arrived at optimum point Qian-stage, they wouldnt be scared from the aluminum-elemental dragons anymore! This accidental challenge designed other dragon clans see the strength of Eastern side Seas . It had been the conflict that designed Eastern side Oceans status, and it couldnt be organized deliberately! Right after returning, these senior dragon cultivators would send out their critical youthful many years to East Seas City, and that area which had been underneath the control of the Eastern Beach Dragon Clan would grow to be the centre of interaction for dragon cultivators! Even 1 / 2 last year, Zhao Guang couldnt just imagine this kind of matter occurring! Music Qingya walked around the staircases with a lot of reporters encompassing her . The Princ.i.p.al put away Tune Qingyas operate carefully and checked out Hao Ren . The greater number of he checked out Hao Ren, the greater impact he had . East Water University became a famous university, nonetheless its influence in america was only many colleges and universities from the northern . But after this occurrence, the being exposed in the institution would improve, and there may be many individuals making an application for Eastern Seas College or university . In the end, on the top of the blank s.p.a.ce on the scenery painting, Song Qingya also created within the standard set of scripts: Eastern Beach Institution is a good college or university! Huang Xujie introduced problems on the college, but Hao Ren helped bring track record for the school! Hao Ren, in case you have any questions from now on, arrive at me should you cant reach Vice Princ.i.p.al Lu, Princ.i.p.al Liu put his arm around Hao Rens arm and reported pleasantly . Of course, Princ.i.p.al Liu, Hao Ren explained . Zhou Liren as well as the other people swallowed their saliva from a long distance . Hao Ren definitely got some associations with the government bodies! they thought . Zhao Jiayi, Zhou Liren, Yu Rong… Allows consume its on me! Hao Ren named the men and thought to them . Yu Rong viewed Hao Ren in confusion and believed Hao Ren was still Hao Ren! Whether or not he ended up the son of two environment-cla.s.s research workers, he was still the Hao Ren who these people were informed about! If Hao Ren didnt wish to, why would he be associates with these well before? Allows go feed on! Zhou Liren shouted . He was indeed surprised that Hao Rens families have been Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang . Nevertheless, Hao Ren was still their sibling . It felt good being able to be bros with all the boy of critical numbers who got much more influence compared to provincial governor! Enables go, Yujia, Hao Ren patted Xie Yujias elbow . Um! Xie Yujia smiled pleasantly . The sundown was attractive . No matter the problem, dignified or inadequate, she was pleased to be by Hao Rens part . The energy evolved yet not the heart that had been why Xie Yujia liked Hao Ren . He was very humble and do not observed conceited .

    The reporters who surrounded Music Qingya also cheered in astonish .

    Track Qingya’s a.s.sistants considered each other they didn’t even know that Music Qingya got this type of natural talent!

    “Hao Ren definitely got a bit of connections with all the respective authorities!” they thought .

    Hao Ren viewed her and understood that she was injured and necessary a few days to heal .

    Mistress Nell

    The cloud washed out apart, and also the conditions away from the local library acquired already turn out to be fantastic . The Sun s.h.i.+ned over the white colored rice pieces of paper which mirrored Piece of music Qingya as well as white colored collection behind her, turning it into appear as attractive as imaginative pictures .

    The Bride of the Nile

    The energy improved but not the heart which has been why Xie Yujia liked Hao Ren . He was modest rather than believed conceited .

    Even one half a year ago, Zhao Guang couldn’t visualize this kind of point occurring!

    Even 1 / 2 a year ago, Zhao Guang couldn’t picture this particular thing happening!

    The durability evolved though not the heart which was why Xie Yujia loved Hao Ren . He was humble and not sensed conceited .

    Chance To Change The Future

    Melody Qingya’s a.s.sistants looked over each other well they didn’t realize that Melody Qingya had this specific ability!

    A superstar like Track Qingya was already lucrative enough to showcase her calligraphy skills facing them . Even if the calligraphy gets rid of weren’t wonderful, that they had to enhance her . Nonetheless, her calligraphy abilities had been indeed great!

    There was clearly a lake in the center of the grounds with a bit of natural green areas and several modest hillsides . Below the bright and sunny weather, the vistas was outstanding . Song Qingya kept the ink cartridge brush, furnishing the pieces of paper and sketching the vistas .

    If a person published a video of Tune Qingya painting survive, her level of popularity would go up by a bunch!

    No matter what condition, dignified or poor, she was able to remain by Hao Ren’s facet .

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    “Fine, thank you so much!” Princ.i.p.al Liu nodded very quickly . This graphics was in the master level and was definitely worthy of obtaining, not to mention that was the calligraphic perform and painting in the superstar Music Qingya,

    “Sure, Princ.i.p.al Liu,” Hao Ren said .

    Hao Ren saw that Music Qingya hyping case for him and smiled . He recognized that within the next few days, East Seashore College or university would end up being the focus of your countrywide media .

    “We will the Nine Dragon Palace up coming full week, it is best to create,” Su Han reported again . Then, she patted Hao Ren’s shoulder and went aside .

    The reporters with microphones and surveillance cameras ended up amazed .

    “Certainly, Princ.i.p.al Liu,” Hao Ren stated .

    “Hao Ren definitely got some associations using the specialists!” they thought .

    The moment Tune Qingya quit, the curator of Eastern side Ocean Art gallery cheered . He was initially suspicious of Tune Qingya’s calligraphy knowledge, but he appreciated her as he found Song Qingya finis.h.i.+ng this piece of function before everyone .

    Tune Qingya placed along the printer ink remember to brush and instantly gathered a reduced remember to brush .