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    Pre investment cap table templates have become very popular with the professional investors. It is an important tool to help the investors to assess the value of their shares as well as the whole market in general. This is due to the fact that the valuation of the stock or the shares will depend on the present price of the same or on the future prospective price of the same. startups do not want to invest on stocks whose future value is not known in this case.

    The valuation of the same can be done through the use of the cap table of the shareholders. The shareholders can easily determine the value of the stock by taking the exercise price of the outstanding shares. startups are the shares that have already been priced in the market. There are startups of companies like EQV, STP and IVL who provide these services for the investors. The shareholder simply has to type in the date of purchase of the shares and the same will be provided to him/her.

    In the process of searching for the shares the investors can also consult the related company where they would find details regarding the company and also the related share and also the underlying options and stocks. This is very important to know about the overall performance of the company. The details regarding the price per share and the gross margin can be found in the quarterly reports and the annual reports provided by the company. This would help the shareholders to check whether the price of the stock options they are going to buy is reasonable or not.

    One of the most important things to be kept in mind by the shareholders is that they must never invest in the shares of a company which does not make it to the top ten companies of the stock market. It is only after checking the growth rate, the profit margin and the growth pattern that they can invest in the shares. The growth pattern should be a year long pattern because most of the investors want the stocks to grow at a steady rate in order to make the money. One of the easiest ways of finding the best stocks for the investors is to use the cap tables because the shareholders would be able to find the shares which are undervalued as well as overvalued.

    Using the cap table template in the Google spreadsheets is very easy. All one has to do is to find the link ‘Exchange Traded Funds’ on the home page of the website and click on ‘View’. This would provide them with the link ‘Google Spreadsheets’ and from there they can choose the link ‘handler code’ and type the relevant one for their Google accounts. This handler code would give them access to the Google sheet where they can view the list of the shares which are available with them.

    Most of the investors are interested in using the pre-specified rules which can be used in the Google spreadsheet. There are many investors who would look into finding the best shares which can be put up for the subscription. They can also look into the caps which have been used in the equity value and the EPS before the tax and this would help them in finding the shares which would help them in making the right decisions. startups is one place from where one can find the list of the cap which can be found in the sheet ‘Google Finance – Investments’ and then after that one has to click on the ‘APR’ column and this would help them in knowing the price per share which is required to be paid after the deduction of the taxes.

    The valuation of the shares would be done using the real time period and then the investors need to go through the entire list of the shares which can be found in the ‘Shares’ section in the Google sheet ‘Google Finance’. After this they need to click on the ‘Create new’ button and fill in the required information about the shares which they are looking for. They can find the list of the companies which offer the pre-efined rules in the ‘Offers’ section and then they can choose the company which is offering the best share prices.

    This would help them in getting the best share prices for their subscription and then they need to put in the amount which they are willing to pay as the down payment. They can also go ahead and get the shares which would help them in making the right kind of money and then they need to see whether the investment is going to earn them money or not. The other option which can be made use of by the people who are looking for the pre-defined rules is the equity indexed annuities. This is one form in which they can make use of the pre-defined rules and it has even got a cap table template along with it. After this one can easily select the shares which can be beneficial for them.