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    Trigger points can cause a pain muscular knot. A trigger point is an area of muscle which can cause pain and lead to problems with everyday activities. The reason for this is typically an injury that cannot be avoided. Massages to trigger points can aid in relieving strain and pain. The practitioner can alternate between activation and trigger.…[Olvass tovább]

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    Sports massages are great for athletes who have to recuperate faster from intensive training. This therapy can also be employed to prevent injuries. Massages for athletes are given prior to or during sports events. This massage is primarily for professional athletes but anyone who does physical activity will gain from it. This massage can help…[Olvass tovább]

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    Deep tissue massages are something that you might be interested in even if you’ve never had the chance to experience one. In general, you should arrive early to the spa and change into comfortable, loose clothing. It is important to collect any relevant information about your health and medical history prior to undergoing a massage. The massage…[Olvass tovább]

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    Shiatsu is also called Hilot or Percussions. Shiatsu is also called Hooth. It is a Japanese type of bodywork based on pseudoscientific theories drawn from the traditional Chinese medical theories, such as the existence of Qi-meridian channels. Shiatsu was popularized by Yukiji Takata in the later part of the 20th century draws its roots from…[Olvass tovább]

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    It is possible to take a massage by an expert, or you can perform one yourself. Before you are able to decide whether the benefits of massage therapy are for you, it’s essential to be aware of the basic concepts of what massage therapy is. A therapeutic application on the tissues to alleviate the pain, discomfort or stop them from getting worse is…[Olvass tovább]

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    Massages are a fantastic method to relax, relieve anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing. A professional massage therapist is able to adapt the process if they have health concerns or injuries. A skilled therapist will take your time explaining exactly how their method works and also explain how the technique works with their clients. They’ll…[Olvass tovább]

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