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    Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

    Unlike Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus has quite a few interesting features the original app does not. Below are some of its features:

    – Hide online status: When you enable this feature in the latest version of Whatsapp, you can hide your status from others so others cannot see your status and thus, maintain your privacy

    – Hide last seen status: Sometimes you need space for yourself and stay away from others ,or sometimes you’re just busy or sleepy. You may conceal your last seen status from others on Whatsapp Plus 2022 so that others don’t know if you’re active or not.

    – Another fantastic feature of Whatsapp Plus is the ability to track your activities, such as the cumule hours users spend on the app or when it opens and closes.

    – By downloading this latest version, you may use an ID touch to safeguard all of your data, or you can just create a passcode. Isn’t cool !

    – Limited peoples on a group call, it’s not the case anymore with whatsapp plus, you may add up to 8 users in a one video calls group

    – Users may generate a backup copy of their account while using WhatsApp plus apk, and if the user switches devices, he can effortlessly transfer all his data over another device without having to go through the registration process.

    – Whatsapp Plus comes with a lot of customisation options. whatsapp latest version may alter the color of their theme, modify the layout of their chat, and personalize their chat screen. Overall, you may personalize this current version of WhatsApp as you desire.

    – A vast collection of emoticons that you can never find or enjoy with in the original whatsapp

    – By using this version, you will be able to send your location via a simple text message.

    – With one simple click, you can hide the blue ticks

    – Users of WhatsApp Plus are able to post statuses up to 255 characters long, transmit videos up to 7 minutes long and share up to 50 pictures in a single message instead of – the original Whatsapp’s 10 images, which is an incredible feature that WhatsApp plus developers offer to its users.

    – You may use a full profile image on WhatsApp Plus, which is not possible on the standard WhatsApp.

    The best changes made in WhatsApp Plus V10/ WhatsApp Plus V12

    – In these versions, the issue of obscuring status has been resolved.

    – All bugs from the previous version have been resolved as well.