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    I was in a car accident that has been observed to be 100% my fault. Incident itself wasn’t too bad — the top of other car bumper(one part) dent. Just how much should I assume my insurance to improve?

    “I live-in Tennessee and shifting right down at age 16 and in Tennessee to Florida in early July you may get a license termed Intermediate Restricted Driver License which merely has more limits a less and 17-year old limits then the /permit that is 15-year old. I’m not sure if Florida has these type of permits but at the age of 16 using a Tennessee Intermediate Limited Certificate”I presently dont have insurance and that I was required to maneuver back again to my parents property and theyre badgering me to obtain it is afforded by auto insurance but i cant rightnow. Should they place insurance on my vehicle under their label”I also have no expenses other per month than paying $500 for rent and make 60K a year