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    Chapter 80 – Ninth Level Of The Void Amalgamation Realm, Revival Of The Protagonist dream gigantic

    Han Jue determined not to curse Demon Ruler Dian Su anymore unless he created trouble.

    For making Demon King Dian Su so angry, it should be a formidable becoming!

    Demon Master Dian Su’s eye have been bloodstream green. He stared at Yang Tiandong and mentioned in the reduced voice, “Tell me! What is your opinion I would do?”

    When Li Qingzi realized in this, how could he dare to decline? He got read about Demon California king Dian Su’s status. Similar to how a Chinese knew on the Demon Ox, the tale with the Demon King Dian Su was deeply rooted within the Fantastic Yan. It absolutely was all thanks to the pet slave-like Ancient Shrub Demon who spread out it everywhere.

    The ten thousand interior sect disciples were actually all on higher attentive.

    Han Jue carried on creating. His aim would be to bust right through to the ninth standard of the Void Amalgamation World without delay!

    He got already sworn on the heavens, exactly why was he still having difficulties this way?

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    Su Qi is in seclusion. The whole world was relaxing!

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    Demon Queen Dian Su actually suspected that this was the tasks of your immortal. This became also great. Having an ally was a lot better than getting an opponent.

    Han Jue sighed and noticed a little bit regretful.

    “Sigh, Demon Ruler Dian Su has surrendered. Xiao’e is departed. There are no longer regular focuses on.”


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    Aside from that, but the Jade Real Sect experienced also employed nearly ten Nascent Soul realm guest elders. Their overall sturdiness was already rus.h.i.+ng for the most powerful on the Fantastic Yan.


    Han Jue felt when he didn’t go to the world, Zhou Fanatic would certainly end up being the protagonist.

    Yang Tiandong understood his grasp well. While he saved a decreased user profile and reported to always be fearful of fatality, if your Jade Absolutely pure Sect really experienced hassle, he would definitely not allow it go.

    Now, his att.i.tude was completely different, providing Yang Tiandong a sense of fearlessness.

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    Upon ability to hear this, Demon Master Dian Su’s eye illuminated up. This produced sensation.

    “Of training course not. You just need to stop by the biggest sect!”

    “Sigh, Demon California king Dian Su has surrendered. Xiao’e is deceased. There are you can forget every day focuses on.”

    Yang Tiandong rolled his eye and explained, “Father, is it feasible that… the Immortal Deity does not feel your terms? When you personally visit the our sects and become associates together, perhaps the Immortal Deity changes his opinion people?”

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    [Your good friend Zhou Supporter has reconstructed his human body with the assistance of a mighty figure. They have successfully revived and his awesome cultivation has increased greatly.]

    For a cultivator within the eighth degree of the Void Amalgamation World, it actually required him ten a few moments to wipe out a fourth-point System Incorporation World cultivator?

    Han Jue almost laughed out noisy soon after listening to it.

    Ever since Daoist Nine Cauldrons guided the development of the sect, how many interior sect disciples had surpassed 15,000. There were also in excess of 30,000 exterior sect disciples. There were also 1,000 professional disciples in the top secret hall.

    Demon Emperor Dian Su only got to point out his great purposes. He hoped how the two factors would develop a friendly associations.h.i.+p rather than turn into adversaries in the foreseeable future.

    In the Connate Cave House.


    Because Han Jue had absolutely nothing to do, he established his social associations.h.i.+ps to check on his emails.

    Following chatting for four many hours, Demon Monarch Dian Su eventually left with Yang Tiandong.

    Yang Tiandong rolled his eyes and said, “Father, is it feasible that… the Immortal Deity fails to think your thoughts? When you personally browse the individual sects and be friends with them, perhaps the Immortal Deity changes his point of view individuals?”

    It turned out still the same reason. If he didn’t look for loss, he wouldn’t expire.

    Han Jue finally discovered a peek at your body Integration Realm and was extremely delighted.

    That created feeling. With all the Nine Dragons Sect in Huang Zuntian’s arms, it turned out simple enough for him to collect sources.