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    Just how is the living area supporting you? Prefer to know a fresh method to re-energise your and yourself life? Try spending a couple of hours intentionally cleansing and refreshing your home environment. This straightforward action can dramatically enhance your state of wellbeing. In this post, I teach you how to develop a space that nurtures and supports your soul.

    1. Tune into the space…

    Space clearing isn’t about ordinary housekeeping tasks like vacuuming, dusting or tidying away clutter (even though they do, of course, help!) — it comes down to working with the force of your house. A residence doesn’t need to be immaculately elegant or totally free of clutter to be comfortable to reside in — it requires to feel great.

    To obtain a feeling of this, take into consideration (or head to) someone else’s home that you admire. Imagine yourself entering this place. What is the right off the bat you see? How will you feel, being there? There will be something uplifting about the atmosphere, isn’t there? Somehow merely finding yourself in space impacts on the level of energy and makes you feel much better.

    What are the special features of that place that particularly interest you? Exceed surface details just like a newer renovation or maybe more expensive furniture or fittings than your own house. Exist colours, textures or shapes that particularly interest you? Notice what else makes it meet your needs — get a feeling of what sort of space is arranged. Does this offer you ideas that you could apply to your own house?

    Imagine that you are a visitor entering your house to see it the very first time. What’s the initial thing you find? Perhaps there is whatever especially annoys you, for example areas of clutter something like that that requires fixing? Overall, so how exactly does the spot make you feel? Do you experience feeling uplifted, neutral or drained? Visualise yourself walking around each room. It is possible to alteration in all those feelings from area to area? Take note of any particular troublesome areas.

    2. Set your intention…

    Prior to deciding to go clearing, think of what you desire to achieve. Which kind of FEELING do you wish to evoke in your home? Exactly what is the specific element of your health that you’d like to improve, such as greater abundance, more fulfilling relationships, enhanced creativity, better health, deeper spirituality? If you do, take a moment to decide which is most important location to focus on right now.

    Then set your intention to consciously develop a home space that nurtures and uplifts you. As Denise Linn says: “Where intention goes, energy flows.” By focusing your focused on what you need to attain, you’ll intensify the consequence of your respective space clearing and open up the flow of energy into that part of your daily life.

    3. Pay off the clutter…

    Now get stuck into some clutter clearing! What can you do in regards to the problem area/s you identified on your own “walk through” earlier? What might you caused by evoke a more positive feeling in your space? Starting point in what you are able to achieve from the time you’ve. Perform a bit today plus a much more tomorrow or next weekend. Remember that it won’t should be perfect, it really must happy!

    For those who have a lot of clutter or even a number of rooms that want cleansing, choose only one (or maybe a corner of 1) and start there. Start out with the room to display the part of your lifetime which is most in need of re-energising. By way of example, focus on your bedroom in order to target relationships or spirituality, choose work or study for enhancing career or creativity, your house for much better health, the bathroom for self-nurturing, maybe family room for overall balance and wellbeing.

    Open all doors and windows, got some music and like the clearing process. Allow your intuition make suggestions to scrub and rearrange things in a more harmonious way. I find it is powerful to state an affirmation while getting rid of clutter — it keeps your brain focused as well as your intent clear. The best is: “I am now clearing all blockages and joyously opening to get the abundant flow with the universe!”

    4. Cleanse and purify…

    Once you’ve physically cleared your living area (or rooms), it’s time to cleanse and purify the vitality in your space. You don’t need any special skills to get this done — your own positive intent is all that is required. Take a moment to centre yourself and keep in mind of your respective intention, consequently stand in the midst of the area or walk round the space, mentally cleansing and lightening the weather. With more experience, you can glance at the energy inside the room lift. To evaluate this, when you have finished cleansing, leave the area after which keep coming back in again — it will feel distinctly better whenever you walk into the area.

    You may find it beneficial to make use of a few tools to work with you within the cleansing process. Here are some suggestions:

    — use a room spray or burn a mixture of essential oils (e.g. eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary or peppermint for cleansing and uplifting; lavender, geranium, rose or sandalwood for harmonising and relaxing) and allow the aroma to permeate the room

    — light a sage smudge stick or some sandalwood incense and move about the room, wafting the smoke into any locations where the energy feels stagnant or blocked

    — have a bell and move around the bedroom gently ringing it, still ring prior to the tone is apparent and pure; it is deemed an intuitive process, so listen carefully and develop any spots where your bell sounds muddy or tinny — continue and eventually air space will in reality sound clean!

    Do a little space clearing and cleansing whenever you feel a bit shabby or even the atmosphere in your home feels sluggish — it is a wonderful boost!

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