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    Much more than 40 associations and also institutions that compose the energetic get of the general public power, issued a shared declaration in which held the commander of the National Military, basic Eduardo Zapateiro, this profile of the crossing of trills along with the statesman as well as presidential prospect Gustavo Petro.

    In the declaration, the reservists ensured that” “We securely support the placement of Mr. http://www.elheraldo.co/gustavo-petro General Eduardo Zapateiro, commander of the National Army, in which he stands up for the institutional honor as well as self-respect of those who with commitment as well as institutional dedication go to the solution of the great enthusiasms of the Homeland.” gustavo petro nuso.org/articulo/caso-gustavo-petro-flagrant-system-error/ They additionally refused that the death of the military eliminated in the country is actually utilized for political objectives.

    http://www.eluniversal.com.co/temas/-/meta/gustavo-petro They reiterated the setting that the general carried out not ravish post 219 of the Constitution, which makes certain the public pressure is actually non-deliberative, this before the feedback that Zapateiro created him the applicant of the Covenant Historic: “Under no circumstances can be looked at as political consideration the answer of the lord general Zapateiro before social allegations false as well as infamous a governmental applicant, (…) through contrast, are actually the Military Forces was actually the 1st establishment to maintain and also value the statutory order.”

    caracol.com.co/tag/gustavo_francisco_petro_urrego/a/ gustavo petro Additionally, the retired armed forces guaranteed that the job carried out due to the Army can easily not be examined as well as “also much less, that it is by means of aspersion and also infamy.” They demanded that presidential prospect Gustavo Petro prevent “claims that look for selecting earnings as well as show unawareness of the thorough procedure of deciding on generals,” the statement said.

    In the two-page claim, the 40 companies as well as organizations additionally criticized the speeches made through governmental candidate Sergio Fajardo, and also that of congressmen Roy Barreras and Iván Cepeda.

    They assure that” “They are actually the image of a trumped up political discussion that intends to misinform as well as puzzle to affect the credibility and status of one of the institutions most enjoyed through Colombians.”

    http://www.elespectador.com/tags/gustavo-petro/ Eventually, everyone Force Reserve contacts “all Colombians to remain unified through encompassing as well as holding our wonderful National Army.”