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    Since the night of Sunday, Federico Fico Gutierrez had been the most solid candidate for Colombia’s presidency. This isn’t his first appearance on an electoral card. He was previously councilor and mayor in Medellin. His first attempt in a national elections, where he received more than 2 millions votes in the Team for Colombia coalition, saw him placed as a preferred candidate by conservative movements. Fico (47 years old Medellin) is, at this time, Gustavo Petro’s main opponent. Gustavo Petro was with the Historic Pact Movement one of the top candidates in the election which determined who was the representative of the three most powerful political forces were.

    The campaign for president is only starting. The question of whether the former mayor of Medellin is the real counterweight to petrismo depends on the alliances and agreements which he develops from now on. He won’t just have to unite all the right under his banner, but he must also conquer an element of the electorate in the center that has been, as of Sunday, broken and lacking in leadership. Fico Gutierrez He must keep his distance from former President Alvaro Urbine, something he has not done previously. twitter.com/ficogutierrez Today, public’s support for uribsm has been expressed in a public manner. Now, it is possible to subtract rather than add, which is the first time this has been done in the last 20 years. “Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He has to form an alliance with Uribe’s Democratic Center (CD), however, he must also try convince Uribe’s central.

    Fico’s first triumph was announced on Monday, as the company moved towards an alliance with CD which is in which uribism is a prime target. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga was the candidate for that party’s presidential bid. Now, we’ll see whether the entire Uribismo, which was without a candidate is in support of the candidate. Especially when Uribe declares his support publicly and try to convince his voters with the traditional concerns of the Colombian right, which will not be so difficult for him. forbes.co/2021/11/25/precandidatos-presidenciales/es-increible-ver-el-obstaculo-que-le-han-puesto-a-hidroituango-de-manera-irresponsable/ He already proved that he could add votes with his speech about “security”,” “order” as well as “love for the homeland”. This past Sunday, he confirmed that at the consultation on electoral reform. The same thing happened while in Antioquia as the mayor. He stated, “The bandits were either in prison or grave,” while he was traveling to Arauca which is a region that is particularly prone to violence. Fico is very conscious of the Colombian right’s choices, but that will not suffice for him.

    “We aren’t in the year the year 2018, when the fear of left was effective, but this time the electorate is not moved by fear,” Basset points out. According to Basset, the fact that the figure of Alvaro Uribe is no longer that of the absolute leader which the country has seen in 2002, when he was elected president for the first time. Moreover, the fact that his party that is the CD, is going through a rough patch and could see Fico not receive at the very least, Uribe’s approval. Even though Uribismo isn’t in the running but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Gutierrez cannot count on the votes of Uribismo. Uribism is also responsible for the victory in the coalition. Fico Gutierrez Basset warns that Basset’s negotiation skills will be analyzed. Andres Méjia Vergnaud comments on the relationship between Fico’s former president and Fico. federicogutierrez.com/ He says that Federico Gutierrez wants Uribismo votes but not Uribe photographs because it’s not the right thing for him to be his candidate.

    Fico Gutierrez Gustavo Petro is left-leaning, however, Gustavo Petro is right-leaning. However, Fico – if he is able to negotiate – will be able to convince Gustavo Petro to support him. Rodolfo Hernandez, who launched independently, is running. Gutierrez must include the achievements of the former mayor of Bucaramanga and millionaire builder Rodolfo Hernandez, if intends to combat petrismo.

    Gutierrez has a lot to talk about before thinking about possible presidential formula names. However what Gutierrez has is the support and cooperation of the other candidates in the Team for Colombia presidency. It’s not a small number of people. Two former mayors, Enrique Penalosa(Bogota) and Alex Char (Barranquilla), are at his side. David Barguil, the chief of the party and the founder of the Conservative party, is with Aydee Zarazo, Aydee Lizarazo of a Christian Party, who frequently vote according to her church’s rules.

    The Conservative Party was strengthened, and it won the largest right-wing vote of over two million votes. It also has the backing of the U Party. This party has a strong vote in legislative with less than 1 million votes. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga was there to support Fico. He didn’t quit the elections on Sunday without taking the opportunity to pretend his defeat and keep out of a battle for votes of those on the left. This is a way to give Fico some momentum in a particular area of conservatism. But it also keeps him away from potential votes from the center. What former president Alvaro Uribe says, who invited his party to a gathering on Tuesday, will be the definitive point to know whether Fico risks his chances in the center in exchange for being openly the blessed of Uribe.