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    http://www.elheraldo.co/politica/oscar-ivan-zuluaga-desde-el-uribismo-celebran-su-adhesion-fico-gutierrez-894480 , who is the Colombian presidential candidate for Team for Colombia, was welcomed with applause and ovations at his recent visit to Medellin by guests, waiters and diners at the well-known Antioquia restaurant.

    thebogotapost.com/fico-eyes-colombias-presidency-an-interview-with-pre-candidate-federico-gutierrez/49519/ ‘s not the first time the candidate was received this way. elpais.com/internacional/2022-03-14/fico-gutierrez-y-el-riesgo-de-reconocerse-como-el-candidato-de-uribe.html , who recently posted on his Facebook page the reaction of a group who reached out to him to show their support, said that it is not uncommon to receive such a message. http://www.portafolio.co/elecciones-2022/discurso-fico-gutierrez-tras-ganar-coalicion-de-equipo-por-colombia-562882 expressed his excitement at the reception.

    Fico Gutierrez shared videos on his social media accounts throughout the day to keep his fans updated about how the country is progressing.

    Prior to zonacero.com/politica/fico-gutierrez-llama-la-union-fajardo-para-derrotar-petro-188733 scheduled for May 29, 2022, the presidential candidates have increased their visits in recent weeks to different cities and municipalities throughout the country.