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    Chapter 1601 – Old friend, one day apart feels like three autumns adaptable root

    It had every one of the features of the embryonic community.

    The Ancient Wicked Dragon was entwined together with the evil strength in the Netherworld, and had not been spotted by Senior White colored Two. Considering it with this level, it genuinely was most likely that this was unwanted fat ball’s work.

    Nonetheless, it turned out past too far.

    The demonic hamster’s facial area gone darker.

    It hadn’t undetectable by itself, and a station had smoothly exposed inside the Black colored Dragon Entire world.

    A single level, 1 environment.

    Elderly White-colored pinched his chin, and stated, “Now you express that, I appear to have appear in touch with a big dragon of this nature in the past. Although I can’t remember it that well any longer.”

    “What are you waiting around for then? Let’s go.” Elderly Bright white tapped his finger frivolously, and Meteor Sword come about featuring a new scabbard, gladly rotating around him.

    On the other hand, simply because it was already a negative report, there wasn’t a great deal difference between -10,000 and -11,000.

    Tune Shuhang’s clone carried on dropping, and also with a plop, it landed with a size for the travel with the dragon.

    An individual range, 1 entire world.

    Melody Shuhang quickly located some recollections of the dark colored dragon.

    Right after thinking about it, Older White Two idea of a chance. “Has your resurrection coins come off cooldown?”

    The demonic hamster’s confront journeyed dimly lit.

    Older Bright white Two obtained not observed the source from the ‘black dragon heart stones’ as he was learning the ‘magical electrical power best-up device’ with Mature Bright white.

    In fact, he was Music ‘A Particularly Strenuous Regular Life’ Shuhang.

    Nevertheless, the way it was already a poor rating, there wasn’t a lot difference between -ten thousand and -11,000.

    “…” Mature White-colored Two.

    The demonic hamster’s encounter gone dim.

    While Shuhang employed to have many challenges before, he was particularly satisfied when getting dangers currently.

    …However, it appears that Senior citizen White colored Two might also not recognize this Dark Dragon Planet.

    For that, as he yelled now, the two Senior Whites reacted to him.

    All around the system from the Historical Bad Dragon had been vibrant channels of wicked power in the Netherworld.

    The demonic hamster said, “That Dark colored Dragon Environment is one of the job of some other ruler from the Netherworld, and once my lord gets into, he can’t do so openly to be able to avoid alerting the other one special event.”

    Senior Whitened, who had been adjusting the Fatality Forest’s formation, converted his travel. “I’m here, what is the matter?”

    Tune Shuhang enjoyed a new leisure activity just lately, teasing the demonic hamster. The hamster possessed an innate disposition to create all types of confronts when teased, which was very lovable.

    The duplicate was seriously seriously injured, and it was very likely to pass away rapidly.

    Following considering it, Older Whitened Two thought of a possibility. “Has your resurrection coins appear cooldown?”

    Piece of music Shuhang kept in mind that anytime he was with the Immortal Feast, he and Fairy Rosy Cloud obtained partic.i.p.ated in a very meal flavorful challenge—at the moments, the final recipe in the compet.i.tion had been a bowl of black color stuff.

    And on its massive human body resided a plenitude of animals. These pets viewed your body of the Early Wicked Dragon like a ‘world’ and thrived into it.

    What have they actually eat? What managed they consume?

    He felt that Melody Shuhang nowadays was especially jumpy, using challenges all over the place.

    “…” Song Shuhang.

    Piece of music Shuhang recalled any time he was on the Immortal Feast, he and Fairy Rosy Cloud experienced partic.i.p.ated inside of a foods sampling challenge—at this time, the final recipe within the compet.i.tion has been a pan of dark colored things.