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    Have you ever thought about learning another language? Think about Portuguese? If you’re planning to move to Portugal or perhaps you need to speak Portuguese with friends when traveling to a Portuguese speaking country, you should learn how to handle a discussion on this language.

    Here are a couple reasons why you should learn Portuguese:

    Portuguese Is a Popular Language

    This language is spoken by over 240 million people. It’s the official language in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, East Timor, and Cape Verde. Portuguese may be the forth most spoken language in the world.

    Find New job Opportunities

    Portuguese is really a native language in emerging economies like Angola or Brazil, so learning it could improve your likelihood of obtaining a good job. The economy of Portugal is growing rapidly before few years. Throughout the next decade, more jobs will open on this country and Portuguese companies will also expand their operations across the glob. Learn Portuguese to gain a competitive edge and locate better jobs.

    Portuguese Is Easy to find out

    Grammatically speaking, Portuguese is incredibly much like Spanish, French, and Italian. Anybody who understands these languages may leg up on learning Portuguese. You are able to practice speaking using voice chat, find Portuguese-speaking language exchange partners, and exercise your language by writing emails. Additionally, there are numerous classes online where one can learn Portuguese totally free.

    You Will Make Friends Easier

    Portuguese people like that you’re learning their language. If you have just transferred to this country, friends and family will support your time and effort to master this new language. This is a great possibility to strengthen your relationships and make new friends. Whenever you visit america, although most Portuguese individuals will try and speak your language, once they realize you’re tourist, they will be proud and pleased to hear you say “obrigado” (thanks a lot) inside a funny way.

    Study Abroad

    Many foreign students come to Porto to complete a global programme like Erasmus. If you learn Portuguese, you have more chances to get your application approved. As well as what better approach to fit in than to learn this language while studying in Porto?

    Expand Your Cultural Education

    Should you be considering the songs, film, literature and other cultural aspects of Portugal, learning the language is an important step in knowing about it. If you don’t speak Portuguese, you will always be expected to read translations or subtitles.

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