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    The mission of Creative Partners, formerly known as Theatre Partners, is to bring together artistic investors and artistic creators to produce and exhibit new and innovative theatre, opera, dramatic series or musical productions. Theatre Partners is an independent non-profit initiative launched in January 2021, with a mission to provide innovative professional theatre promotion, raising funds and creating strategic alliances for artistic projects. Launched by twenty-nine artists and seven theatre companies, Creative Partners now serves more than 100 artistic and non-artistic companies, with a mission to create and support theatres through effective theatre promotion. Supporting new and emerging theatre artists, companies, and artistic teams, Creative Partnership helps to create more space for artistic expression in cities large and small across the United States.

    Agency are all attracted to creative people and ideas. As we grow older, we seek out those relationships that will support us, nurture our creativity, and enable us to pursue our passions. In a society that demands more out of us, creative partnerships are essential for sustaining long-term artistic success.

    Equity investments in a company are one way to secure future funding for a play, a production, an installation or a series. Equity partners are one of the most common ways to finance theatre, television and movies. Equity is available for a broad range of artistic projects, including corporate entertainment, corporate events, personal entertainment, stage shows, concerts, recitals and festivals. Equity also guarantees that you don’t pay a penny up front, while getting a commitment to a long-term relationship.

    What makes a good theatre investor? We can think of creative services like accountants, lawyers, architects, designers and builders. Equity investors provide the creative services – the know-how – in order for creatives to get the project off the ground. Like any relationship, it’s necessary to know what you’re getting into before you invest your money. As with any relationship, there are pros and cons to being invested in a project.

    The advantages of working with a creative partner are many. You have access to multiple projects and the ability to work in various genres. Most companies interested in investing in theater and creative relationships prefer to partner with individuals who have an independent mindset, an innovative mind and a strong point of view. The best creative couples tend to be fiercely loyal to one another and rarely engage in ill-mannered or unethical practices. To make sure your creative relationships are nurtured and guarded, it is important to choose creative partners wisely.

    There are many creative shops that have found creative success by forming a partnership with an organization, corporation, gallery or other organization. By forming a partnership with a great creative partner, investors gain access to multiple projects and the chance to develop those projects into Broadway plays, films and other artistic ventures. Investing in a theater company is also a great way to increase your overall portfolio of works. Theatre companies are always looking for new talent, and working with an established company can be a great benefit to your individual careers. Companies tend to want talented actors and directors to produce their shows, which is something that you cannot always guarantee with your own talent.

    Partnerships with other businesses and organizations are helpful because they give creatives a chance to expand their range of projects. When Agency have the chance to pitch your ideas to large audiences, you’ll have the opportunity to create works that may go unnoticed. When working with an artistic partner or firm, you’ll be able to receive helpful feedback from other creatives that can help you enhance your craft and services. These other creative services will include suggestions on how to further your work and make it more interesting, profitable and successful.

    Partnering with other businesses or organizations will allow you to work with a better sense of marketability. When Agency have the chance to show your social media posts or your other creative services online, you can reach a wider audience and increase your marketability. When working with others, you can also tap into valuable resources and connections. Whether you’re looking to tap into the internet marketing realm or you are looking to hire other talented creatives to build a team of affiliates, working with creative services can be a beneficial endeavor.