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    What are the differentiating factors between a good Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago from other US-based competitors? What does a qualified Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago specialize in? What does a quality Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago deliver? And why should you hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago for your business?

    The term “Web Design” encompasses a wide range of disciplines, ranging from website development to search engine optimization to media buying and web marketing. The ultimate goal of a website design agency is to help businesses find a successful online identity and create that online presence. Some businesses specialize in one or two areas; others will handle all facets of e-business marketing.

    When evaluating potential digital marketing agency candidates, it’s important to ask about their client portfolio. This list should include both familiar clients and niche clients (companies or organizations that aren’t necessarily Internet businesses). Most agencies offer a full list of their clients, but it’s wise to dig a little deeper to get the sense of the quality of work they provide. Ask for case studies on current projects, or ask for references from previous projects with similar projects.

    Look for a marketing agency that has experience working with small and large businesses. Big companies don’t have time to waste on social media strategies or customer contact, so hiring a digital marketing agency in Chicago that has experience working with smaller businesses will ensure your brand is seen everywhere in cyberspace. Smaller marketing agencies may have more flexibility with their clients, but it’s always best to choose a firm that offers free consultations or website design packages to determine who best suits your business needs. A good marketing agency in Chicago will understand what makes each business unique, what types of traffic are flowing through their doors, and how each type of business can benefit from social media marketing. A quality firm will work with you as you figure out how to integrate social media into your business model.

    Ask the agency what types of case studies they have worked with. If they’ve helped a real estate company to launch a successful blog, for instance, they’ll have case studies available for you to review. This information is invaluable for finding the right people to hire for your business, as well as helping to build your brand. Most digital marketing firms have hundreds of clients to look through their portfolio and offer references if you’d like to dig even deeper.

    Look for a marketing firm that is data-driven. A good agency will gather information from a wide variety of clients to find the most effective combinations for your marketing campaigns. Not only will this help your company stand out in a sea of competitors, but it’ll also help you stay atop the search engine rankings.

    Another thing to look for in a digital marketing services firm is client insight. If an agency isn’t willing to share case studies or other data-driven information with you, don’t work with them. A good agency will be forthcoming with its clients, letting you know their successes and failures and giving you plenty of options to make things right. In particular, don’t hire a firm that keeps marketing secret for its clients. Doing so puts you at risk for having your business’ success completely dependent on the skills and knowledge of the employees at the agency.

    Look for a marketing agency that’s been ranked among the best in the country. A Chicago firm should be able to guarantee growth over the next five years, as well as the ability to move up in the search engine rankings. Search engine optimization is a competitive business, and not every firm will be able to guarantee its clients will rank highly. For this reason, Chicago SEO companies should be willing to take the time to evaluate their clients’ businesses. If they’re confident that their Chicago SEO partner has the knowledge, resources, and expertise necessary to help your company rank higher, you should definitely work with them.