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    So, why are they called “Butt Connectors” anyway?

    I know that this question seems super simple to some but you’d be surprised how many times we get asked this question.

    I used to always think that they were called “butt connectors” because my wife wanted to kick my butt when she saw how much I paid for them at the auto store!

    Well, it turns that isn’t the reason at all. And it also turns out that they don’t have to be that expensive after all either. More on that part later.

    Butt connectors are actually a handy tool in electrical wiring. They have a variety of wiring project applications, from boats to automotive to wiring things in your home.

    They’re easy to use and also safe components to work with when it comes to electrical work. They’ve got their lovely nickname but are technically called butt splicers as well. They come in various formats depending on what your needs are..

    What are the various types of butt connectors?

    Let’s take a step back to go over the various types of butt connectors out there commonly seen in the wild. The most common and simple ones are vinyl butt connectors. These are the best option when it comes to small wiring jobs with minimal environmental hurdles to overcome.

    Then we move on to nylon butt connectors that are able to handle the heat a lot better than their vinyl counterparts. They also can fit more snuggly when they are going to ‘butt up’ the two sets of wires together.

    If you’re looking for the best option and the one that we built our entire business around, then look no further than heat shrink insulated butt connectors.

    These are fantastic for a few reasons. First, when you utilize them to solder the connection, the connectors will shrink and solder the wires together due to the heat and provide a tight seal. A seal that is strong enough to withhold up to 110 pounds of pull out pressure!

    Heat Shrink TEK Butt Connectors are strong!

    That seal is waterproof (rated IP 67 waterproofing) and will not require additional steps such as crimping. At the same time, we recommend this option and only focus on it because it’s the best for both indoors and outdoors as the waterproofing is especially helpful with auto and marine/boat/outdoor wiring projects and temperature situations.

    Again, why the name butt connectors?

    As hinted above, it’s due to combining two opposing wire ends. These ends then provide electrical connections through the compression and welding that occurs when using them. So, it’s essentially putting the butt end of two sets of wires to either close the loop of electricity or form a new one through this robust and durable connection.

    This process looks as if the butt end of items has a connection, hence the comical name that it earned. Yet don’t let the name fool you. Also don’t worry if you might snicker once in a while when you need to resupply; you won’t be disappointed when you can find high-quality heat shrink ones.

    Why come to us?

    We realized long ago that although this is such a standard tool that should be relatively cheap (but they’re not if you shop for them at auto and hardware stores!) and of decent quality, there was a disconnect.

    That’s why we made it our mission to help provide top-quality, pro-grade butt connectors at the best prices that you can find on the internet.

    Not to brag or anything but our 120pcs kits are only $15.99.

    In the process, we wanted to bring awareness to these fantastic electrical wiring components that are highly versatile.

    At Heat Shrink TEK, we provide heat shrink butt connector s, as we feel they are the most durable and reliable.

    We are proud to have over 1100 Five Star Seller’s Ratings on Facebook Marketplace! We also beat out the competition in price. This ensures you always have affordable options when you choose us.