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    Its been about 1-month since the car accident occur a police cruiser tea boned another group of serial murders into a group of cars one-car total among others with major damage.one of the people died two were injured within the crash.we have tried finding a coating but the only thing they claim is the fact that they cant really be something accomplished cause there is a death.we named the insurance-but they said that they are able to not do anything they want it a police report and authorities wont release the report there due to one death along with the case is However under investigation.one month approved we called again and so they advised us that the owners of the cars that were hit all had not reported and didn’t know how to spit what the insurance income handles. Currently my parents are worried they could unable to correct there car and never get anything more we’ve no idea how to proceed except keep calling the vehicle insurance.my parents were planning to gather using the other owners to see the things they may do. But to date only moment has approved and so nothing has been accomplished by them or have gotten anything in the insurance .

    “I’m contemplating finding this 99′ Corolla but Iam not sure just how much the vehicle insurance will be. -I am 17 years old and i took People Edd. -I reside in area. I really hope a few of this information can help using the estimation. Searching for howmuch the insurance will definitely cost a year month